Containers in Windows Server 2016

Mark Russinovich demonstrates containers in Windows Server 2016. There are enhancements to the windows 2016 server kernel that allows multiple instances of user mode processes.

After watching the 15 minute video, here is the quiz:  what is the difference between a Windows Server 2016 Container and a Windows Server 2016 HyperV Container?

Answer: Hyper-V Containers provide isolation whereas Server 2016 Containers do not isolate the container processes form the host.

Which is right for you? A HyperV container or a Windows Server container?  Mark answers that question at 9:45.

When does a Windows Server container make sense over a HyperV container? It seems that when you do not require isolation, you would use Windows Server Containers.

Both of the above options are relevant for on-premises data centers. A 3rd option to evaluate is Azure Container Services, which is what cloud first companies will select first.