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Pre-Sales Script to identify Microsoft Technology

Before speaking to a customer, it is often helpful to understand what technology they may have deployed.

By checking for the existence of DNS records in Public DNS, you can get a good idea on the email system and whether they have an Office 365 tenant established, whether they use ADFS and whether Lync or Skype have been deployed.

Peter Schmidt (MVP) authored a script on the Technet script gallery called Get-Office365DNSRecords.ps1. I enhanced the script to include more error checking and to check for common ADFS records.

For example, when checking you find lots of Microsoft technology deployed.


However, when checking, you can see they have not been an adopter of Microsoft technology.  Hmm… wonder why.



In addition to the on-screen information, this script also outputs two files: results.txt and report.csv. The text file contains the DNS records that were found and the CSV file contains a formatted report of each service that was found for each domain name checked.


Download from the Script Center on TechNet here

– Remember to set the execution policy to allow unsigned PowerShell scripts, and that has to be done in an elevated PowerShell session.

– You may need to unblock the script (see this article for more information on how to unblock)